We welcome all customers from other countries and/or customers based in the Netherlands who speak english as primary language!

Unfortunately we experience that in some cases vital information is missed when placing an order due to the fact that our website and info pages in Dutch are not read. We strongly advise to use Google Translate on all our pages. We also advise reading all the information available on our website, to help you we will highlight the most important info you must read:

  • info about Pleaser
  • all info mentioned on the product pages itself
  • the info on the check out page, specially the terms you have to agree with when placing the order
  • do not forget to read the info send with your order confirmation when you place an order

If Google translate gives you a translation that you don’t understand or if there are any questions left please feel free to email us and send us your question, we’re here to help you.

As we are a Dutch company, based in the Netherlands, using Google Translate is just a small effort we would like to ask of you :-)

If you don’t understand something, just ask us. Enjoy shopping on our website and thank you for understanding!

PS is you want to pick up an order at our location please read: order pickup